New competitors, technology, political and environmental events, are among a growing number of threats to supply. Be capable of adapting and responding.


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JJ Foodservice scoops the IGD Supply Chain Excellence Award.

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Coles has launched a new online subscription service, offering unlimited home deliveries. New service has two subscription options Coles' new service, called ‘Delivery Plus’, will allow shoppers who spend over AU$100 per order to get free delivery of their online grocery shopping. The new service offers two subscriptions; Any Day Saver and Mid Week Saver: Any Day Saver costs AU$19 a m... Inc announced its plan to build its first fulfilment centre in Quebec, which is expected to open by the end of next year and to employ more than 300 full-time workers. Montreal’s Lachine borough The new fulfilment centre, Amazon’s 12 th in Canada, will be located in Montreal’s Lachine borough. Its employees are expected to pick, pack and ship products ranging from toys to small ...
Three additional rail competence centres have been opened in Europe, following a substantial growth in rail freight volumes along the ‘new silk road’ from China to Europe. UK, France and Italy The new competence centres will be based in Felixstowe, UK; Le Havre in France and Genoa in Italy, and are being staffed by China Rail experts who will advise customers and coordinate freight volumes,...


Waste management and prevention is a topic of paramount importance for the food industry. This report will help you understand different types of waste, industry standards and initiatives as well as how to best measure and manage waste.
Toast Ale, the British craft brewer known for its recipes that use bread that would normally go to waste, is now brewing beer from pumpkin flesh that would usually be discarded.
This report looks at the inception of third-party and fourth-party logistics providers. It also explores the types of services offered by 3PL’s and 4PL’s, their pros and cons as well as the challenges that are facing them.
The Metro Group has tested the "FreshIndex" app in five of its hypermarkets.
7-Eleven in Japan has outlined plans to wrap the nearly 2.3bn rice balls it sells a year in packaging partially composed of plant-based plastics.
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A responsive supply chain helps businesses serve customers better. Take a look at what makes a responsive supply chain and explore what others have done to improve their responsiveness and what you can do to improve yours.

This report explores why omnichannel fulfilment is a growing influencer of retail success, what a flexible omnichannel network looks like, and how businesses including Carrefour, Walmart, Ocado, Jumbo and Alibaba are creating them.

Vulnerabilities in the global supply chain

This series of reports explores several significant vulnerabilities in the increasingly global food and grocery supply chain, and proposes actions plans that you can take to be prepared and resilient.

  1. Geopolitics
  2. Environment and resources
  3. Setting up for disruption

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