JD Logistics invests RMB 1 billion in green supply chain project called “Green Stream Initiative”

Date : 18 October 2021

Wassim El Attar

Supply Chain Analyst

JD Logistics is set to invest RMB 1 billion (around £113 million) in a new green supply chain project called “Green Stream Initiative”.

Carbon efficiency increased by 35% within five years

The announcement was made at the sixth Global Smart Supply Chain summit held on 18 October. JD Logistics expects to see its carbon efficiency increase by 35% within the next five years, and halve its carbon emissions by 2030, compared to 2019.

Collaboration with partners

The company said it will be working closely with “up- and downstream partners to promote the application of more recyclable packages and new energy vehicles, and transform the supply chain operations and management with digital technology.”

JD Logistics is also planning to open its logistics material lab to the public “to incubate innovative projects to drive the development of environmental protection materials.”

New version of its Level-4 autonomous delivery vehicle

The company has unveiled the newest version (5.0) of its Level-4 autonomous delivery vehicle. According to JD Logistics, its is equipped with “ an upgraded radar and a wider angle camera that can check the environment without blind area.” It can operate under rainy and foggy conditions, while its top speed has been increased to 5m/s. The vehicles can also be monitored and fixed remotely. JD Logistics is set to operate thousands of autonomous delivery vehicles in the next two to three years.

Yui Yu, CEO of JD Logistics, said that JD Logistics’ integrated supply chain and logistics service will provide not only the solution for strategic planning but also execution, in addition to all the support for network building and operations.

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