Demand and supply planning presentations


In this presentation, we define omnichannel retailing and look at how it impacts on retailers' and suppliers' operations.
In this report, we define what a responsive supply chain is, why it matters and what it takes to develop one. We also explain why it is crucial to balance responsiveness with efficiency. Finally, we explore few examples that demonstrate how businesses can adapt to changes and increase their flexibility and responsiveness.
This report looks at collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR). We define CPFR, what it stands for and explain its importance.
Quick commerce has emerged as a new route to market, providing new opportunities to engage and sell to shoppers.
In this report, we capture the key insights that emerged during the virtual roundtable event that took place on 28th July, in which senior supply chain professionals gathered to share and discuss their plans to tackle the major supply chain challenges.
This report provides our vision for how food and consumer goods stores will evolve over the next decade. The world in 2030 will look very different to today and how people shop for their food and consumer goods is changing rapidly. Traditional store operating models are coming under significant strain and we believe that retailers and suppliers need to work harder to evolve store formats to ensure that they reflect how people shop today and will do in the future.
This report provides guidance for successful management of all types of promotions across the multi-channel landscape.
Retailers and suppliers are generating positive returns as they implement omnichannel-focused initiatives. From higher shopper spend to more efficient operations, omnichannel projects are helping companies stand out and gain share.
In this report, we explore how supply chain analytics can bring out the best of the data available, and how it can positively impact the performance of the whole supply chain.
Unilever has created a ‘nano factory’, which is a fully-functioning mini production line that fits into a 40-foot shipping container.