Cost to serve presentations


At a recent analysts' meeting, David Cutter, President of Global Supply and Procurement shared Diageo’s journey to supply chain excellence. With operations in 180 markets, Diageo is a truly global manufacturer. Largely driven through acquisition and with operations increasingly in emerging markets, the company has been on a journey to implement standardised ways of working in all markets aiming for supply chain excellence across the globe.
Walmart is renewing its focus on its core US operations with a back to basics approach that focuses on price, availability, range, service and execution. At the heart are simple but effective store processes, a new customer availability programme and adding supply chain capability to its existing network.
Every half year we review the strategic developments in the supply chains of FMCG retailers. Check out what trends we've seen in H2 2015.
IGD identifies five big supply chain trends which we predict will rise up the agenda and start having a significant impact for businesses in 2016.
In the sixth installment of IGD’s annual benchmarking survey we investigate industry benchmarks on waste and shrink. The presentation explains how waste is split between suppliers and retailers and changes in the environment over the last five years. Keep a look out for future releases this year which will cover other key supply chain priorities including range & promotions.
In this presentation, we look at a number of ways that that industry can make the online channel more profitable throughout the supply chain.
Supply chain innovation that is practical and genuinely adaptable for the wider industry is pretty hard to come by. This innovation – replacing a standard HGV trailer to hold an extra 31% of pallets/cages from Pauline Dawes and the team at SOMI Trailers is a remarkable achievement that can really make a difference in distribution operations. Discover how the SOMI trailer was developed from the lightbulb moment to operating live trials with the industry.
Booths set out to cut waste, increase freshness and boost promotion performance in store. To do this, Booths overhauled its in-store and DC replenishment methods and, with the support of RELEX Solutions, rolled out a new supply chain system. Read this presentation to see how Booths benefited from reduced waste, increased supplier delivery performance and increased freshness of product for customers.

In the third instalment of IGD’s annual supply chain benchmarking survey, we present industry benchmarks on supply chain cost to serve. This covers whether or not companies know their cost to serve, what the industry averages are, along with their components, and also how it has changed over the past five years.

Every quarter we review the strategic developments in the supply chains of FMCG manufacturing businesses. This quarter, we’ve seen companies focus on productivity, their core business, creating synergies, global investment and exploring new technologies.