Cost to serve presentations



The tough economic climate is being felt in markets across the globe and forecasts indicate there is no sign of abatement. With tough times expected to continue, this environment will drive the necessity for change. This presentation examines four key themes to overcome this cost challenge: The drive for efficiency, optimising the supply chain to support multi-channel growth, systems and process development and unlocking value from the total chain.


Despite sales growth, the food and grocery market is tough; consumer confidence and spending is low. In this environment retailers are being challenged to take cost out of the supply chain. This presentation looks at a number of supply chain KPIs in warehousing and transport to reveal how, given the growth in the industry, retailers are adapting and innovating the supply chain to achieve further efficiency.

We have so far looked at understanding ‘What is waste?’ and ‘Waste management’ and in this new Special Focus presentation we examine ‘Waste prevention’, highlighted as the top priority in the waste hierarchy.
In this presentation we explain how companies can manage their food waste and the options available to them. New financial incentives which encourage energy to be recovered from waste make this a favoured option.
Read our presentation to better understand why material waste in the supply chain matters, how different international markets define waste hierarchy and the options your business has to managing waste by preventing, re-distributing, recycling, recovering or disposing it.
This presentation will help you understand how range simplification can play an important role in improving your supply chain’s responsiveness. Enriched with four case studies, it provides you with the practical insight you need to get started on simplifying your supply chain.

In this presentation, you can find statistics on the long-term trends of supply chain cost management in the UK Food & Grocery industry. You can also discover the latest figures for individual companies.