Woolworths invests AUS$65m in stores

Date : 23 September 2015

Australian retailer, Woolworths, has announced plans to spend AU$65m refurbishing its stores and improving on-shelf availability.

AU$65m investment

Over the next 12 months, Woolworths will invest AU$65m upgrading its stores, including shopping trolleys, shelving fixtures and displays. The retailer will also increase labour in its stores throughout the country in order to improve on-shelf availability, with a focus on fresh produce.

Building a great network

Woolworths’ director of supermarkets, Dave Chambers, commented: “What we're after is having a great store every day for our customers. We need to have stores in the right place, we need to have a great network looking forward, we have to have the right price and we have to have a great experience for the customer. All those elements need to be working very well – this is the last piece.”

More investment needed?

Following this announcement, experts have suggested that Woolworths needs to invest at least AU$200m to upgrade its stores. One Citi retail analyst described the retailer’s outline of improvements as “fundamentals of retail”, and observed that Woolworth’s store refurbishments have been unsustainably low in recent years.