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The Woolworths Group has introduced a new subscription-based grocery delivery service, becoming the latest major retailer to do so.

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Woolworths has partnered with Takeoff Technologies to test its automated micro fulfilment technology in three locations. Test to start in the next 12 months before potential further roll out The implementation of the automated sites will take place within the next 12 months, with Woolworths hoping that the trial will help it both meet the growing demand for online grocery orders, but also enh...
Woolworths in Australia has started building a new AU$135m fresh food distribution centre in Melbourne. New fresh food hub for Victoria The retailer has a 15-year lease on the new 57,000 sq m facility that will be located next to its meat supplier, Hilton Meat's distribution centre, in Truganina, west Melbourne. The new facility, due for completion towards the end of 2020, will replace the re...
Australian retailer Woolworths has spoken more about its new automated distribution centre, which we highlighted in April 2018. The DC isn’t due to open until February 2019 but is being tested now. AU$500m project It’s been reported that the facility being built near Melbourne will now cost over AU$500m, but the automation will deliver not just efficiencies in supply chain operations. It wi...


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