Europe: innovations in online

Date : 08 October 2018

We look at how European retailers are innovating in online.

Increased use of pedestrian Drives in France

Pedestrian Drives allow shoppers to place orders online and collect them from convenient locations in the centre of cities or towns. Retailers are marketing them as enabling shoppers to buy from a hypermarket’s range and prices, while not having to leave city centres. Pedestrian Drives are becoming increasing popular with retailers in France as they look to compete online and create profitable last mile fulfilment solutions.

Leclerc tested its first pedestrian Drive in Lille in 2017 and now operates a total of six in Anglet, Aurillac, Lille, Meaux and Reims. Leclerc has said it is aiming to open four more pedestrian Drives in Caen, Montbéliard, Montpellier and Toulon, without giving a timeframe for doing so.

Meanwhile, Carrefour has opened 16 pedestrian Drives. The sites are a mixture of points being added into existing convenience stores in Paris, Lyon and Saint-Étienne and standalone pedestrian Drive sites. Cora experimented with Drive points in Metz in 2016 and Verdun in 2017, calling them “Cora in town”, while Auchan will open its first pedestrian Drive in Lille on 10 October 2018.

Amazon lockers installed in E.Leclerc hypermarkets

E.Leclerc and Amazon have partnered and will install Amazon lockers across the grocery retailer’s hypermarket network in Spain. The lockers are already installed in many stores, and installations will be completed across the rest of the network soon.

Last year in 2017, Amazon partnered with DIA to install lockers across selected stores in its network. For DIA and E.Leclerc the move helps to make their physical outlets more attractive and convenient for shoppers. According to Amazon, there are over 120 lockers in Spanish cities and towns. Some of these are open 24 hours, whilst other share the times of the buildings they are located in.

Colruyt will trial home delivery in 2019

Belgium-based Colruyt will trial a grocery home delivery service in 2019. The company will first test the service in large cities, such as Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, with smaller locations, such as Namur and Liège, to follow eventually.

Colruyt said a home delivery solution had to be developed in a sustainable way. Hanne Poppe, spokesperson for Colruyt, said, "Home delivery will only happen if it can be done in a sustainable way, i.e. with cars on sustainable fuels (electric, hybrid or CNG gas) and in city centres, where the distances are shorter".

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