Jumbo launches delivery service in Amsterdam city centre

Date : 20 February 2019

Jumbo has started delivering groceries to the centre of Amsterdam, and areas just outside. Customers can order using the Jumbo app or online at Jumbo.com and choose their delivery slot. Jumbo is now offering the choice of a 1 hour or 2-hour timeslot for deliveries within the city centre, giving customers even more flexibility.

Flexible shopping

In order to increase awareness of the new service, the vans have also been updated to include QR codes.  This means that customers can scan groceries on the stationary vehicles and add them to their online shopping cart.  

Source: Jumbo

Electric vehicles

Jumbo will be using 100% electric delivery vans for orders within the city centre, and Jumbo has also developed Electric Street Scooters specifically for door to door delivery.  These scooters don’t emit CO2 and are quieter than normal fuel-based vehicles.  

These initiatives support Jumbo’s sustainability plans to reduce CO2 emissions from transport by 50% by 2020, in comparison to the retailer’s 2008 figures.