Jumbo invests in delivery

Date : 10 July 2019

Netherlands-based Jumbo is investing in smarter and more sustainable delivery methods to meet the growing demands of online grocery shopping. It has signed new cooperation agreements with Ondernemersvereniging Jumbo (OVJ), effective for the next three years.

New delivery hubs

For several months, Jumbo has been delivering from centralised hubs and expanding its e-fulfilment centres. The retailer currently operates hubs in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Zeeland and plans to open one in Utrecht by the end of 2019. Further expansion is expected to follow but details have not yet been announced.

For Jumbo, centralised distribution is more efficient and sustainable than home delivery. It “offers better opportunities to scale up effectively where needed and to serve customers in densely populated urban areas”.

Stores will retain online turnover

The agreement between Jumbo and the OVJ will remain largely identical to its current state. This is to allow stores to retain online turnover in their delivery area. The stores will also be responsible for their online customers and pickup points.

Carl van Dam, OVJ’s chairman, said, “The key point of this agreement is that the stores are and remain the face of the Jumbo omnichannel strategy. We are given more scope to strengthen our commercial role in the local market, for example with shorter delivery slots to serve customers even better and a more extensive service to business customers in their own region”.