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Costco Australia is set to launch an online store that will be available to its members by the end of this month.

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In response to intense competition, where consumers are demanding more for less, several retailers have decided to streamline operations and reduce operating costs. One approach to support these objectives is to vertically integrate aspects of the supply chain. What’s vertical integration? Vertical integration is a strategic decision that sees a business take ownership of part, or the ent...
Costco and Instacart are joining forces to test a one-hour prescription delivery in California and Washington state. Free for orders over $35 The prescription drug can be delivered to a Costco member’s home or office, and delivery fees are waived for orders over $35, otherwise, delivery prices can vary depending on how fast a member needs the medicines delivered. The one-hour option, which ...
Costco Canada is testing a new two-day grocery delivery service in southern Ontario. Orders fulfilled at Business Center The new service enables members to qualify for free two-day delivery for orders over $75. They will be able to shop a broad range of grocery, consumable and health and beauty categories, although perishable categories will not be included as part of the initial pilot. The...


Costco operates an impressive ‘no-frills’ supply chain that keeps inventory turning over and profits high. Discover the secrets to Costco’s supply chain including its main priorities, network developments and other key statistics.

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