Carrefour extends blockchain technology to ‘Camembert de Normandie’

Date : 30 September 2019

Carrefour has announced the use of blockchain technology to the ‘Camembert de Normandie’ cheese.

11th Carrefour Quality Line to profit from the technology

‘Camembert de Normandie’ is the second cheese (after the Rocamadour) and eleventh product of the Carrefour Quality Line to introduce blockchain mapping. The blockchain technology provides consumers the access to a variety of information about a given produce, such as the producer’s identity and date of milk collection and manufacture, by simply using their smartphones to scan the QR code located on the product’s label.

Source: Carrefour


About the cheese

‘Camembert de Normandie’ is made of milk sourced from Norman cows, and its supply chain includes eight dairy farms.

According to Carrefour, it is made and refined in the cheese factory of the Domaine de Fribois, in Saint-Loup-de-Fribois.

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