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An essential summary of supply chain priorities, recent developments and other key statistics for SPAR International.
The drone company that had to abandon its fast-food delivery tests during March with Just Eat in Dublin has partnered with Ireland's health authority to deliver medicine in Moneygall.
This case study focuses on how SPAR International used best practice and expertise from its global operations and applied it to develop a modern centralised distribution centre for its new business in Saudi Arabia.
In this case study, we look at how SPAR’s international expertise and strategic partnerships is used to develop a more sustainable, responsive supply chain model in China. Precisely, we explore how SPAR’s team in Guangdong has partnered with Swire Beverages, a Coca-Cola franchisee to switch from loose-loaded deliveries to fully palleted deliveries. The project has three core objectives: * Improve labour efficiency in the end-to-end supply chain * Maximise the opportunities offered by recent standards set by the government * Maintain or decrease operational costs SPAR and Coca-Cola had to challenge themselves to overcome both physical and cultural obstacles to achieve the desired result. However, the success of the collaboration was due to: * A clear vision * Agreed goals and solutions * Exploring, evaluating and resolving differences Overall, the project has helped develop new ways of working within the Chinese market, setting new standards.
Discover how Spar India partnered with HCL Technologies to transform its bricks and mortar supply chain to a multichannel one, with over 14,000 SKUs.
China is the largest grocery market in the world, and our research team have just returned from a visit. While they were there they visited a DC operated by SPAR and their partners Jiarong Supermarkets. Some aspects of the operation look very similar to distribution operations around the world, but there are other features that are unique to the Chinese market. Understand the unique challenges, and how they are tackled in this vast market.