Leclerc plans to open new Pedestrian Drive outlet

Date : 08 January 2019

The French retailer is opening its new outlet named ‘E. Leclerc Relais’ in Paris on January 9th.

The new store will be in the Pedestrian Drive format, which enables customers to place orders online then collect from locations that are conveniently placed within city centres.

The Pedestrian Drive setup is different from the usual Drive format as it targets people collecting their orders on foot, rather than by car. Leclerc has other stores offering the format and this will be the seventh Pedestrian Drive it has opened. In a competitive urban environment, it is imperative for retailers to secure profitable last mile solutions that meet consumer needs.

“Leclerc chez moi”

Alongside the Pedestrian Drive stores is “Leclerc chez moi” (Leclerc at my place), which offers delivery within Paris within 24 hours. This home delivery option guarantees Leclerc prices and quality. If the customer’s address is not eligible for delivery, then collection from a E.Leclerc Drive location is available.